Tuesday, October 28, 2014

No beer for me, just a trip to the ER

This summer I made a short trip to Seattle, Washington. Ha ha trip. The city was fun, lots to explore and good food and drink. The weather was even brilliantly sunny. The afternoon before we returned home we were out in Fremont, Earth and I tripped on a curb and almost completely knocked out one of my front teeth. It happened about 10 minutes after I finished this sketch. And no, I hadn't even had a beer. I have to report that the folk in the ER took great care of me, and after shuttling over to an ER with a dentist on call, I was out of there in less than 4 hours! With my tooth wired back in place, and my dignity cratered by a swollen and scraped face. BUT I did not break my sketching (and work) arm or do any worse damage. 

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