Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Discovery Shuttle Launch sketch

To see the shuttle launch, you get in place and then wait, wait, wait. While we waited the dolphins put on a show for us, and the flamingos? big pink birds took flight from the island too. I took along my sketch book and crochet hook. Here is one of my sketches colored in with Photoshop.
The launch was a tremendous spectacle. Thanks to my sis R for inviting me along.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Work in Progress - Japanese flower

I picked up a huge bag of these DMC yarns when I went to FL to watch the shuttle Discovery launch. They had a bucket of them for .39c each. So I just got one of every color. Then had them send me a mailing box stuffed with more. I had to revise a pattern so that each color would not be more than 8 yrds, which is the size of each piece. This is it so far. Sort of an adaption of a Japanese pattern from the internetsphere. I am addicted to these and yet I have tons of office work to keep me away from the fun. For now.
I'm still pondering how to attach them to each other.
God bless all our Japanese crafters affected by the catastrophe.