Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Showtime - Snap - Snap

For the last few years we've had Broadway season tickets - the traveling shows that come through Houston. We bring my mom along each time (it is her Christmas and birthday gift) They are usually fun and entertaining. This year our seats changed to further up and back - the prices went up but not our willingness to pay the price. We have a crazy old lady and her trucker-hat wearing adult son sitting next to us now.
So this weekend we saw "The Adams Family". You may ask, "Was there finger snapping during the theme song?" For sure! Da da da dum -snap-snap. Da da da dum -snap-snap. They're crazy and…
We were in our seats early enough for a quick sketch, and intermission afforded enough time for a very quick sketch of the mezzanine below. I added the color later at home.

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