Thursday, April 7, 2011

Austin, Camp Mabry - Texas Military Museum

Austin,TX. Brigadier General John C. L. Scribner Texas Military Forces Museum. Went to visit the Texas Military Museum on our brief family spring break. Thought D & S would enjoy it. Something for everyone, art, food, tanks.
When we arrived the Texas National Guard Camp Mabry was having a "Changing of the Colors" ceremony, which is the change of command. I thought the best part was when they shot big cannons, with the sound echoing off the surrounding buildings and probably all the limestone in the area. Got a couple of sketches on the fly.
The museum was really pretty interesting, surprising number of vehicles. There were only a very few people there. One room had a display of thousands of military pins. A couple of diaramas of battle scenes from Texas histroy, like the Alamo. The museum has displays about all of Texas military history. I recommend it.

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